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Maher Zain: the way to Allah -PART 2- ( from Dr. Amr Khaled’s website)
Monday, 15 November 2010 | 02:37 | 0 Kawaii ?

    MAHER ZAIN said~"Assalamualaikum this is Maher Zain ....and insyaallah I'll finish the story I started we were at my visit to Sweden,and how I meet the guys in the Masjid and how that atmosphere made me comfortable and how I found the missing thing in my life and what me made feel even better that,people in the Masjid were very open and understanding to the youth situation so when I told them my story,what I do that I work in music,..America,the fame, instead of being harsh on me and tell me what you doing is wrong,don't come is Haraam instead,they were very nice to me and step by step they advised me..I felt that I got more and more attached to that and I learned a lot more..I learned about my religion,about the Quran and my arabic was very bad,now it's getting better and better the same time,I was very comfortable but there were a conflict inside my mind and my heart something was telling me"how could you leave music,the fame,the money and stop working with the most famous distributors in the could you leave what you love the most in life?!"but there were something else,my conscience,my Fitrah.telling me..."be honest with yourself,chose the right thing to do and you know what it is that will help you in your future,in the after life and your religion"so this was my big challenge,what should I chose this was in 2007,just before Ramadan I decided to spend Ramadan in Sweden,and after,with Allah's help,I'll see what to Alhamdulillah I stayed,and Alhamdulillah on Ramadan 1st,I started praying and asking Allah to guide me,and show me the right way and help me make the right choice help me because I wan't to do it,but it's hard to leave what I love..anyway I kept praying and asking Allah,Ramadan passed and Alhamdulillah I decided to be honest with myself and chose what's better for,I decided,I made my choice and I was very comfortable with my decision and subhanAllah,you know how they say..If you leave something for Allah's sake Allah gives you what better..Alhamdulillah I met more and more people and subhanAllah I started to think,about what I'm learning I wanted to tell the youth about it those who make the mistakes I used to make,so i started thingking,what's the best way todo that to reach to young people and talk to them and subhaALLAH,how ALLAH gave me what's better.I met a guy,who knew the awekening records company the production company that I'm working with now so i met with them,they liked my work we got along...and that's it,we said insyaALLAH let's go for it and we strated working subhanaALLAH and we started working on the album...I traveled to America and...but first,I went to Canada,I met Dr Amr Khaled and Dr Tareq Suwaidan and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf...and others Imam Zayd Shakir... subhanaALLAH,it met me much happier and I felt,honestly that ALLAH opened the way to met that He showed me the way and helped me and He answered my prayers and helped me chose me the right thing it's like He says this is your reward for what you chose so,in this stage of my life,instead of wishing that came back to America,I could've meet Michael Jackson,and Akon and Lady Gaga...and make a lot of money but I learned about money whatever your job is,and whatever you are,in America,Sweden,Australia or Africa...Al rizq(sustenance)is given to you the same way so instead of that,i started thingking when will I met Dr Amr Khaled,Imam Suhaib webb,Imam Zayd Shakir,Dr Suwaidan,Sheik Hamza Yusuf,and other..and on the other hand,I started to travel a lot all over the world,Alhamdulillah and in every country,I meet new people so Alhamdulillah ALLAH me much better than before subhanaALLAH you know how in the Afterlife,everyone will be with the people  he lived with the people he loved so insyaALLAH,I hope I'll be with the Prophet with Dr Arm Khaled,and all Sheikh and scholars of the world,those who hero our Ummah Alhamdulillah,JazakomALLAH khayr I hope insyaALLAH that you benefit from my story,this litter phase I told you about everyone love something in  his life but unfortunalty,sometimes when you chose,something that you love,it could take you the wrong way.I know very well,how difficult it is to change the way to leave what you love,and chose the rigth thing a great challenge,but insyaALLAH as long as we encourange each other we will  show each other the rigth way I hope insyaALLAH thaat we meet in Afterlife,JazakomALLAH khayr...Assalamualaikum...

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